The History

TWO WOODEN STONES first began their journey in December 2008 when French singer- songwriter Shélhôm moved to Leipzig with nothing more than an old guitar and a handful of his compositions. If he was searching for proof that this was the right musical path, it wasn’t long until he found it one balmy summer’s night. After a concert, a four-year old audience member approached him to ask where he came from, on hearing “France” the child paused for thought and defiantly replied: “No, you are the music man! You must come from music!”. With his spirits high, it wasn’t long until Shélhôm met fellow musicians Jeau Champ (drums), Torsten Schroth (keyboards/percussion) and Monsieur Simon (double bass) and made a name for the band. In the summer of 2010, Shélhôm poured seven years of introspection into their first self-produced live album ‘A Genesis’, and in the same year
TWO WOODEN STONES etal. played at the famous concert halls ‘Schokoladen’ (Berlin), ‘La Bellevilloise’ (Paris) and ‘WERK II’ (Leipzig). Three years later and after countless gigs, TWO WOODEN STONES made their first trip to the Middle East. Staying true to their motto, “play acoustic, stay authentic and be passionate”, TWO WOODEN STONES played their sensational live set to audiences of more than 2000 people in Istanbul, Beirut, Amman and Dubai. They also attracted attention from the likes of Spin Radio and Rolling Stone Magazine. Influenced by artists such as Ben Harper, Eddie Vedder, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, Bill Withers and Woven Hand, they experimented with various styles—folk, rock and world music—merging them into a uniquely immersive sound.




Label & Publisher   Kick The Flame
Sasstraße 32
04155 Leipzig